Castle Crush- How to always win? 

Castle Crush- How to always win? 

Castle Crush- How to always win?

Castle Crush- How to always win? 

Castle Crush is an excellent game with a more targeted, fast, and fun combat system. The Clash Royale game inspires that many of you know very well. But you can experience this game in a very different way.

In Castle Crush, you have to fight against a large number of troops. Castle Crush is an RTS. They should try to destroy your opponent’s castle. Here you have to fight and defend your fort strategically.

The battlefield you get here consists of three parts. You can manage and deploy all your troops there. In Castle Crush, each unit is represented by a card with a set value of mana points. It is similar to all the Clash Royale games you have played. Each team has its hit point and other types of attacks.

During frequent battles here, you often have the opportunity to open chests and customize your deck of creatures. You can also select to level them up for a chance to increase their life points and the damage they do. For that, you have to select several cards of the same type.

Latest version – 5.0.2
Update – 2022 -07-20
Requirements – Android 5.0+

Download the latest APK version.

How to download Castle Crush on PC?

Minimum system requirements

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Processor – Intel or AMD processor
HDD – 5GB free disk space
RAM – At least 4GB

Apart from Android, you can also download and play Castle Crush on Mac and iOS. For that, you can follow the following steps.

First, download Bluestacks on your PC.
Now complete the Google login. There you have access to the Play Store.
Go to the top right corner and search for Castle Crush in the search bar.
Now click to install Castle Crush from the search results you get.
If you missed step 2, then complete google login to install Castle Crush.
Now you can click on the Castle Crush icon to start playing.

Castle Crush features

Destroy the opponent’s castle to unlock new cards.
Prize Time Fighting Games
Move up through the levels
Collect a brand new powerful army and monsters.
Get free daily cards
Smart and fun mechanics
Many battles and strategies

Is Castle Crush offline?

No. Castle Crush does not close. The Games organizers have not yet intended to take the servers offline. The game will continue to be a must for everyone.

What are the popular cards in Castle Crush?

Shaman, Black Witch, Phoenix, Kunatu Elemental, Dragon, Skull Queen, Vampire

How to always win in Castle Crush?

It would be nice if you always kept the flat deck as the best deck.
Open the chest before the game closes.
Use all three lanes.
Get a quick start.
Go to the shop to buy other cards.

How to get popular cards in Castle Crush?

Popular cards are unique cards. Finding them can be pretty rare. But you can find them in any chest. Also, you have a great chance to reveal a legendary card in Magic Chest and Illusion Chest. You can also find them in stores to take with gold.


source – Saurav Stylish Gaming

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