Can You Upgrade Gear Ranks at Diablo Immortal?

Can You Upgrade Gear Ranks at Diablo Immortal?

Can You Upgrade Gear Ranks at Diablo Immortal?

The most important part of the Diablo Immortal is the gears. We can also refer to Diablo Immortal as a mechanically advanced sport. In fact, it’s also known as the first mobile game in the Diablo Immortal franchise.

Can You Upgrade Gear Ranks at Diablo Immortal?
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You need to pick a good standout character if you want to go very far in the sport. In addition, it is important to arm the character you choose well. Here you may need to upgrade weapons. With such actions you can easily do the gear rating of Diablo Immortal.

You have the only obvious way to update gears at Diablo Immortal. That is, you can go to the blacksmiths in Westmarch for that. The Blacksmith NPC unlock is performed after you have successfully completed the first few operations. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

They are located around a lot of maps so you can easily find them. When you go to blacksmiths, you can carry things like amazing dust, gold and scratches. Athletes must also be provided with the necessary materials for Diablo Immortal as soon as possible. Once that is done you can get a gear upgrade.

If you find it difficult to find certain materials at Diablo Immortal, you can get tools from blacksmiths. Here is another point you need to keep in mind. That is, you can only upgrade popular and rare as well as customized gear.

Diablo Immortal has limited resources. So you have to decide in advance which equipment you want to upgrade. The gear rating costs here can vary. That is, they vary from level to level. Below is the amount of gold that players need for each level.

  • For 0-1 level upgrades – Gold 1500, Scratch Material 125

  • For levels 1-2 upgrades – 4000 gold, 150 scratch fluid, 1 dust

  • 2-3 level upgrades – Gold 6500, Scratch 175, Enchanted Dust 10

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