BitLife: How Can You escape from prison easily?

BitLife: How Can You escape from prison easily?


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BitLife: How Can You escape from prison easily?

How do you start a riot in BitLife and get people out of jail? BitLife is a simulator game. Here the players have an excellent opportunity to customize the characters. You can choose to represent any character you encounter in BitLife. You can also act as a thief and a police officer. It can be similar to everyday life.

If the character you choose in BitLife is a criminal, there is a tendency for you to end up in jail very soon. But the remarkable thing here is that there is a way to escape from prison if you take the role of a criminal and go to jail. That is, you can cause a riot there and flee. However, it would be best to have a good action zone and idea for this. You also have to wait patiently for the time to run. Despite all these facts, if you act worse in the offender’s role, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Escape may be helpful in this situation. 

But this escape from prison can vary depending on the player’s skill. Some face it well. Athletes can also make a complete escape. But if you are thinking of another alternative, we suggest a way to help. Keep in mind that creating a riot and fleeing can also vary depending on the type of player.

How to start a rebellion in BitLife?

BitLife: How Can You escape from prison easily?

An inmate can never easily escape from prison. But if you’re thinking of starting a riot, go to the orange prison model. Then select the Riot option from the list you receive. Now you can choose an option to cause a riot in prison depending on your opportunities. Once you click on this, it will confirm that you want to create a riot in prison.

In BitLife, you also have to face a small game to escape from prison. Once the rebellion is confirmed, you will have to play a small game. The player has to collect as many prisoners as possible without being caught by the correctional officers. There are ten prisoners in all. But when the players add more prisoners, the guards there become more aggressive. And there are two unique things you need to know when escaping prison in BitLife. That is,

Your rebellion will fail if you hit a guard or a wall before collecting all ten prisoners.


The other thing is, even if the player contains all the prisoners and finishes the game, your plan to escape from prison will not succeed. 

All defenders gather during the game. There you have to face a conflict with the guards. If the prisoners win at that point, your rebellion will be successful. It also increases the chances of BitLife players escaping from prison. But in the end, if the defenders win this battle, your rebellion will fail at the initial stage.

If you lose there, you may face significant penalties for rebellion. Also, various characters may be injured or killed in the uprising you use to escape from BitLife’s prison.

However, it should not take much effort if the player does not want to face such a challenging rebellion. However, if you choose the character of the criminal in BitLife, keep in mind that you risk going to jail. So you will need alternatives to escape from prison. If you do not like it, try hard to escape from jail without a riot.

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