Best Zombie Games You Must Try

Best Zombie Games You Must Try

If you have a liking for strategy games, then you might enjoy playing They Are Billions. It gives you control over a single township, which you need to fortify against an incoming horde of zombies. It’s tense, fast, and punishes for stupid mistakes. And then you try again.

Dying Light is a first-person parkour-survival game from the creators of the Dead Rising series. It’s probably the only game where you can dropkick a zombie, in addition to hacking and slashing at them with creatively improvised weapons. The enemies have a good variety, and the day/night risk-reward system is very satisfying.

If you have a PlayStation 3 or 4, you can, and in fact, should play The Last of Us, a narrative-driven game about the United States that has fallen to a fungal disease turning humans into zombies. It’s excellent, emotional, dramatic, and tense, with a very likable and sympathetic protagonist duo. One can’t go wrong with checking out the Resident Evil franchise, especially the modern remakes of the two original games from the series. What’s the best place to get all these zombie games? Steam’s catalog is full of these, so you might want to check it out first. Once you find an interesting title, it’s good to compare prices. See if places like G2A, Kinguin, and the like don’t have it cheaper. You can save some money this way. There are more games I recommend.

7 Days to Die

labeled as ‘The Survival Horde Crafting Game,’ is very much a Minecraft-style game in that you start with (almost) nothing, scavenge/harvest/build by day, and take shelter by night, all while things are trying to kill you.

Dying Light

Parkour! (sorry for the inside joke, but I couldn’t resist) I know the developer hates this comparison, but the easiest way I can think of to express the basic gameplay of Dying Light is to say “Mirror’s Edge + Dead Island.” You play the role of a covert operative sent into a plague-stricken city to recover a secret file, and you will spend most of your playtime running & jumping across the rooftops of the town because the streets are choked with hordes of undead.


Zelter (formerly Shelter) is a pixel zombie game that looks as if a zombie game has teamed up with Stardew Valley. The game looks cute, it has quite good logic, a meaningful production system, etc … The game is in the period of early access, but it is still great. Watch the video of YouTuber Paulsoaresjr.


This game is not focused on the zombie apocalypse, but I still decided to include it.

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