Best Way To Get Radianite Points In Valorant

Best Way To Get Radianite Points In Valorant

Best Way To Get Radianite Points In Valorant

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If you are into Valorant, you may already be familiar with Radianite Points. Some may not be aware of this. For those of you who do not know, here’s how to get Radianite Points in Valorant and more.
Valorant is a game that players can play for free. This is a first person shooting game. There are two types of currency that you can use in Valorant. Namely, Valorant Points and Radianite Points. Here we are talking about Radianite Points. Athletes can use Radianite Points to enhance weapon skins in Valorant.

How to get Radianite Points in Valorant?

Best Way To Get Radianite Points In Valorant

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At Valorant, players can also use Valorant Points to earn weapons skins, rifles, hammers, game cards, and radianite points. You can also use Radianite Points to level your weapons in Valorant and purchase premium content.
Now you are thinking of ways to collect Radianite Points? The easiest and simplest way you can collect these is to buy Battle Passes. Here you will find 160 Radianite Points that you can unlock across any 50 floors.
There is also a way you can earn Radianite Points through free chapter prizes. It is only available to players who do not choose to purchase the 1000 VP Battle Pass. There are 30 Radianite Points you can collect through this method.

Amazon Prime Gaming

There is another way you can get Radianite Points for free in Valorant. That is, through Amazon Prime Gaming. All you have to do is link your Amazon Prime account with your Riot account.
As another option, you can earn Radianite Points by trading in Valorant Points. There is one special thing you need to keep in mind here. That is, you can not redirect this opportunity. There are 20 Radianite Points available for 1600 Valorant Points. If you are looking for 2800 Valorant Points you will get 40 Radianite Points for that. Also for 4800 Valorant Points you will get 80 Radianite Points.
Depending on how many Radianite Points you get now, you have the ability to upgrade your Armor Skin. You can browse to enhance your existing armor skins. For the latest repairs you have the opportunity to choose the tool skin. You should spend Radianite Points to confirm the upgrade here. Use the Add Tab to arm yourself with weapons.
                          Credit – Babushka 

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