The Best PS2 RPGs and the Best 3Ds RPGs of All Time

The Best PS2 RPGs and the Best 3Ds RPGs of All Time

The PS2 was home to some incredible RPGs from final fantasy 10 to persona 4. So here we are, bringing you the list of the best PS2 RPGs and the best 3DS RPGs of all time. Some of them are Underrated, and we thought to bring you them because they will open you into a new world of game experiences.

After all, we are pretty sure that you haven’t tried at least one of the RPGs on our best list. Why not give it a try. The time you spent with these will be truly worth more than you ever thought. So let’s jump into this,


The Top List of Best PS2 RPGs; Underrated 

Gladius – The Best Underrated RPG 

Gladius is a strategic RPG on the top list of best RPGs for PS2. That places you in the boots of one of the game’s two main characters.

Each of them has been affected by a great war that has seen their forces decimated because of this.

They return, intending to rebuild them and challenge rival institutions in a bid to rebuild their former glory. 

Battles and Gladius occur much in the same fashion as they do in most other strategic RPGs you select for your fighters.

You have to choose where they are placed on the battlefield and use planning and placement to win battles.

But one key aspect makes the experience stand out: something known as the swim meter. If you attack, your attack would deliver the necessary amount of damage.

Gladius PS2 RPGs

But if you shoot at just the right time when the cursor is in the thin red line, you will do the maximum damage. It’s a nice slight inclusion that manages to make every encounter.

No matter how small or big, all the more engaging all in, Gladius is one of the best RPGs for ps2 that will satisfy fans of the genre and newcomers.  

The same tale of the forsaken land is a spin-off of the long-running wizard series that sees players creating a character and taking off into the kingdom of Durham. However, all was left in ruins after a sudden flash struck from the heavens and took thousands of people’s lives. A maze was revealed underneath the castle that holds a secret treasure. And this is where the gameplay begins.


Ever Grace – Worthwhile Journey that Deserves to Play Through 

Ever grace is an action RPG developed by software and a best ps2 RPG, which sees unassuming the role of two different characters.

The first being as word fighter and the second known as Charlene, who can both be swapped out at specific points in the adventure.

Naturally, each of them brings their uses both in and outside of battle instead of the characters developing through a traditional leveling up system.

It is instead they appear that improves throughout the game. May that be weapons such as swords or defensive items like helmets? And because of this, a lot of time is spent searching the environment for new things to find, which may have the potential to become a chore to sum that player.

Combat wise the action plays out in real-time, with each of your weapons being subject to a durability rating.

Thankfully there are spots in the game where you can repair any damage inflicted upon each weapon which is essential to developing them. The course of the adventure, if you can have passed some of Ever grace’s shortcomings, it soon becomes a worthwhile journey that deserves to play through.


Eternal Poison – Something Unique to Give a Try  

Eternal Poison is an s-RPG that is setting a dark European location known as the kingdom of Valdir. Battles play out on a grid with both the player and enemy taking turns to move about and deal out attacks.

As you would expect, many units are available to the player ranging from archers and mages to infantry and mice. Gameplay-wise, eternal Poison shares a lot in common with vandal hearts and borrows some elements from Pokémon and Fire Emblem to create something unique. 

Each has its distinct role to play on the field of battle, and getting into grips with the various advantages is a good idea to overcome some of the more challenging situations that you’ll find.

You presented with although it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Eternal Poison is a solid RPG that deserves a look if you’re a fan of the various other s-RPGs released for the system, such as Sudoku or Disgaea. This one holds its place prominently in the list of best PS2 RPGs.


Metal Saga – No-Nonsense No-Frills RPG

Metal saga is a no-nonsense no-frills RPG, Which sees players taking on the role of a group of like-minded heroes as they set out into a post-apocalyptic world.

Metal Saga PS2 RPG

Upon its release, it was subject to several negative reviews that criticized its somewhat archaic approach to RPGs. It’s primarily a game about exploration naturally. 

The further you explore, the more dangerous and challenging enemies become. Therefore focusing upon building up your team is key to success.

This is quite easily one of the most pleasant parts of the experienced combat plays out turn-based. Each character calls upon a pool of abilities to utilize against enemies primarily. 

Through the use of tanks and often canine companions with rocket launchers strapped to their back innate and often hilarious sense of humor permeates the entire experience, from enemies wearing stockings and having machine guns for heads to bodybuilding monstrosities that try to stop you in your tracks. And those features also helped this RPG to be on the list of best PS2 RPGs. 

It’s all bound to grab a few laughs as you play through it, which gives metal saga a real enjoyable quality that most will find either charming or downright annoying. 

In my opinion, it’s a great RPG thought that well and truly deserves a look.  


Dark Chronicle; A Must Play for Genres of best PS2 RPGs

Dark Chronicle is the sequel to the dark cloud, which in itself is a genuinely good RPG. But its sequel manages to build upon and surpass everything that the original introduced.

As the player, you take on the role of two new heroes named Max and Monica and set out on a time-bending adventure to ultimately restore the world’s future from a threat situated in the past.

It all sounds quite confusing at first, but the way the narrative unfolds, it does so in a way that is easy to follow and appreciate. 

Gameplay-wise it is an action RPG at heart that sees battles playing out in real-time with a more hack-and-slash approach to its combat. Just like the original weapons are once again the focal point of progression. The player can level them up and attach items that further enhance their proficiency. 

One aspect of the adventure that stands out, though, is having the choice to recruit various NPCs to your cause. Each of them has different uses, ranging from making bread to gathering extra items and supporting battle.

It’s an elegant addition that adds a lot to the overall adventure and ties in perfectly with the geo Rama system that presents itself as a city-building mini-game used to rebuild the world.

 Any NPCs that you acquire can be moved into the villages that you create, making the process of recruiting them all the more meaningful. If you haven’t got around to playing it yet, the dark chronicle is well worth a go. 


Best 3Ds RPGs of All Time that You Must Give a Try

Are you looking for an IPG? Etrian Odyssey IV Legends of the Titan has got You Covered. 

Etrian Odyssey introduces players to a modern first-person dungeon crawler that emphasizes exploration and combat. And deserves its place in the list of best 3Ds RPGs of all time.

The first room to mention the experience is that there isn’t that much narrative to speed bots. Instead, players are tasked with creating their characters by selecting what they look like and choosing which skills they possess but for what the experience lacks in the story.

If more than makes up for in gameplay would be to character having the ability to possess their unique attributes.

It becomes essential to take advantage of the class system and make sure you are ready. Any encounter battles are all turn-based in nature. But the player being able to input their commands at the start of each round. 

Before playing up their decision status, effects and elements have a considerable role during counters. If you’re looking for an IPG to get into, Adrian Odyssey 4 has got you covered.


Dragon Quest 8 – One of the Finest Gameplay Rises

Dragon Quest 8 is one of the most acceptable entries in a series that has spanned decades. He sees players taken up the role of a hero, who is tasked with lifting a curse set on the people of his hometown along the way. You’ll meet a cast of lovable characters and NPCs that help flesh out the world amid the adventure. 

Dragon Quest 8 3Ds

You have to remember Dragon Quest 8 is one of the most acceptable gameplay rises where the Dragon Quest States truly shines. There’s a real sense of exploration afforded to the experience, which sees the player encountering a wide range of diverse locations across the journey.

Battles play out on a standard turn-based fashion, with a range of magical and standard abilities. Being afforded to the player and including something is known as hypermodern allows you to speed up each battle encounter, never that tedious or unwanted. 

As the player can breeze through them, overall, Dragon Quest 8 provides one of the finest RPG experiences on the system for fans of the series and those looking to get into something new. Don’t let the eight in the title pad you off as a knowledge of the previous games. 


Adventure Devil Survivor 2 – Everything that Made Original

The series is not required to enjoy this adventure. Devil Survivor 2 brings with it everything that made the original. So great as well as item new features such as voice acting. An entirely new story and opening up the experience to a broader audience at the beginning. 

Plays are introduced to something called the PEA 2.0 system that allows its users to see the death of others before they happen. As well as the ability to summon powerful demons and use them to their advantage.

Gameplay sees battles presented on a grid as you would expect the whole range of abilities can be utilized by the player.

Mainly the several demons you will be collecting through the adventure, which can all be leveled up and even developed thanks to the fusion system, which sees you merging existent demons to produce more formidable allies catered to your style of play. 

Overall, Devil Survivor 2 has to be one of the best 3Ds RPGs on the system and its predecessor’s remake. Also available on the 3ds, players are spoiled for choice as both entries are exceptional in their right tales of the abyss initially released for the gameplay rises.

So thank you very much for being with us, and if you have any questions or comments. Here is the end of the The Best PS2 RPGs and the Best 3Ds RPGs of All Time article. We love to hear them from you. So don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will be back with another great content.

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