Best COD Mobile tricks in 2021

Best COD Mobile tricks in 2021

It better thing to while away the hours than playing a whole bunch of COD mobile. Although I’ve only had a good three to four hours of hands-on time so far. There are so many ways that Activision could have totally, for whatever better word shagged this. Although I fully expect them to nickel and dime us going forward.

Right now, Call of Duty mobile is exactly what you think it is, and that’s pretty great. Interestingly, this is developed by $0.10 the slowly taking over the gaming industry when you weren’t looking for a Chinese conglomerate. But damn if they don’t continue to work miracles on phones. Pub G mobile was a similar case of via this somehow works back in February 2018. With COD mobile, they’ve seemingly pulled off the impossible yet again.

Unnecessary to say caught on the go feels brilliant, and to get the most out of it, we’d best get to sharing advice as much as possible. These are COD mobile tips and tricks the game doesn’t tell you.

You’re playing against bots until level seven then all humans level ten onwards

This thing is kind of like the way that pub G rolls out, obviously. The game will be played by many more casual players or first-timers to games like Call of Duty or pub G or whatever so. The vast majority of matches you get into on those first few levels are actually filled with bots. You can kind of tell they’re just standing around waiting for you to shoot them. But it means that you get massive killstreak bonuses. And you get a feel for the way the COD Mobile is going to play when you actually get good at the game overall only. Slowly trickle in human players until you get to around level 10. When you’re going up against all humans the whole time, you’ll know because you’ll start dying a whole lot more.

Do not forget to claim your unlocked items in COD Mobile

I went a massive amount of time a good I don’t even know 20 matches before realizing that there’s a tiny little icon on the main menu hiding all sorts of unlockable rewards. The kind of things that have been triggering after each match, and you just need to tap on it. You have a whole load of stuff that you can claim. Try it because it is best COD Mobile Tricks I ever try.

Slide by crouching while sprinting

To bring across every option you have in the console COD, you can slide while you’re sprinting. You just need to make sure that you tap the Crouch button after you’ve locked in the Sprint. Now I’ll get on to running options and stuff later. But don’t think that they haven’t thought of everything. They’ve tried to bring across at least the majority of your tactical options when playing the entire game. And I love some sliding and some shooting.

You can relocate all the touch controls

Another thing brought across from Pub G Mobile is that you can hop into the game settings. And go on custom layouts and then just literally move all the objects all the different quote-unquote buttons to wherever you think they’re going to be most effective. So, although I love the advanced control scheme, sometimes you just want to tweak stuff. It’s easier or more comfortable maybe putting the buttons towards the outside of the screen if you’re a bigger person and you don’t want to cover a lot much of the net just trying to shoot back.

Play with Headphones is the best tricks in COD mobile

A Call of Duty staple since 2007 when it really blew up, and everyone was buying those turtle beaches to obey. Remember them back in the day, play with headphones. If you’re playing Call of Duty, play with headphones. The number of extra kills that you’ll get just by hearing other players’ footsteps or they’re moving around new is exponential in the long run. This is the best tricks in COD Mobile, as I know.

Use advanced aiming

Now the two control schemes that COD mobile has are kind of interesting. This simplified one means that you just need to move the camera over someone and then tap it for it to auto shoot. And if it hasn’t already and all you can use the advanced aiming, I totally think it is the way to go. It means that you can kind of juggle being able to zoom in with your right firm and then fire off some shots independently with your left thumb. I know it sounds crazy. It sounds like the most counterintuitive thing. And little EWTN’s face was really scrunched up when I tried to tell him the zooming with the right thumb was the right way to go. But for me, advanced aiming is the way you don’t want to be relying on an AI to auto shoot, especially with the amount of lag that can come from actually playing on the go.

Practice engaging in firefights against AI

Once you tap on the multiplayer option, go to the bottom right and look at all the different options that you have. Making one of them is literally called practice against AI. You’re gonna need to do that. You’re going to need to put some time into reconfiguring your brain. Coming across from controllers or critical board or mouse or whatever to get used to touching the control. I just totally recommend hopping into the AI mode and just practicing some headshots or practicing moving and aiming at the go sliding while firing things like that, go up against the AI, rack up a body count, and then hop into the actual PvP.

You can fire underwater

The maps released so far don’t include any water bodies to get underneath and flank other players. But if you’re playing the battle royale mode, you totally do, and once you hop into the water down on. I was gonna say the down on your touchy floaty analog stick. We need a name for it left side of the screen will make you go underwater, and you can actually just get some shots off, just literally hiding underwater and just shoot in from underwater. Other players won’t see you there, and you can get the drop on them if you end up in the water against another player or a handful of players just duck underneath and fire from below.

Now we are in the most interesting part of the COD mobile tricks. Read it very carefully for more winning of the game.

Mantle up the environment for great vantage points

I totally played a bunch of matches, not realizing that of course, you can jump and climb. So I’m going to mention it if you’re new to Call of Duty or you’re just you know your brains from trying to play a console game on the phone and not realizing that they have brought across the vast majority of things that you might want to do. Just use the jump button when you’re climbing up something or when you’re facing a chest-high wall, and you can mantle up it. I use this on many maps to get the drop on various enemies, and I totally think it’s a worthwhile thing to do.

Gyro aiming is a whole other level as COD Mobile Tricks

Gyro Aiming in cod mobile
GYRO Aiming

Personally, I’m not massively sold on gyro aiming. Tons of people keep telling me that it’s the way to play. In Call of Duty mobile over on Reddit, someone called “ishizaki Lance” actually found out that if you go into the options, you can go to basic settings and tweak the gyroscope. So that you can turn it up all the way to something like 120 and have an extremely responsive way to play. They recommend just knocking all the lights off and getting completely immersed in the screen in front of you and literally is moving around almost like a quasi VR experience because at least that means that your reaction times and general movements can be replicated one-to-one in the game.

Keep an eye on event rewards

This is the one of the hidden tricks in COD mobile. Another thing to do frequently if you’re forever ticking off the boxes of your personal rewards is to keep an eye on the left-hand side of the main menu. As that’s where all the live service stuff happens. That’s where $0.10 and Activision are pushing daily challenges, various events that are happening around the world at the time. Weekly challenges XP boosts login rewards daily challenges weekly challenges all this stuff is all in one place, and again it seems super simple. Still, this stuff is so easy to miss because COD mobile’s general UI is just full of random things in all sorts of directions. So be sure that you’re on the lookout for the most significant rewards

Play the angles game

Combining everything that I’ve been over before from practicing against AI parts to going prone to generally just trying to play the console version of Call of Duty on a phone. You really want to take advantage of the environment itself. A whole bunch of my kills has both been staying on the move and being confident when engaging players one-on-one and just making sure that you’re memorizing the vast majority of the maps. They’ll come to you over time, and you’ll know exactly where you can take advantage of points where you can hunker down, where you can wait for players to come, where you get used to, where people are going to be spawning all of this stuff starts to come together. And in terms of a general phrase for the mentality that you want to be in, you need to be thinking about playing for the angles game. Where can you get the drop on, another player, what kind of advantages can you free for yourself. Essentially how can you play call of duty the way that we’ve always been doing but on the phone.

That’s my rundown of various tips and tricks of COD mobile that I’ve picked up while playing. I cannot wait to see what else you guys come up with as a side note for the comments. Check also ; Camp Pinewood Walkthrough

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