Awesome Multiplayer Video Games Nobody Played

Awesome Multiplayer Video Games Nobody Played

As entertaining as the simplicity of a straightforward single-player campaign, undeniably is it’s tough to argue with the visceral thrill of taking your skills online to compete against others. As insanely popular as many of the greatest multiplayer video games are, there’s no denying that we as gamers have slept on some squandered classics over the years. Here are excellent multiplayer video games nobody played before.

“Onrush” is a best Multiplayer Racing game ever

best car multiplayer video games
Onrush multiplayer game

Code master’s innovative car combat game, onrush, came and went in a flash in the summer of 2018. No matter its intriguing hook and the pedigree of its revered publisher.

Onrush largely ditched typical multiplayer racing video games for an online experience focused on cooperative objective-based play. They are pitting two teams of vehicles against each other as they attempt to outrun and destroy their rivals.

Yet without a conventional chequered flag finish in sight. Between its sharp visuals and well thought, easy-to-pick-up gameplay, onrush had all the potential in the world to become the next viral racing sensation.

But sadly, the player base fell off a cliff within a few months of its release and never recovered.

Though you can still find scatterings of players online for all intents and purposes, the game is effectively dead, with poor sales resulting in layoffs at Codemasters, including the game’s director. And updates are therefore becoming increasingly sparse.

Considering how creatively the game innovated the racing genre. It’s a damn shame that more people didn’t give onrush a try.

However, the sensible inclusion of bots will ensure it remains playable even when the servers are inevitably shut down.

“Lawbreakers” is the saddest fail Multiplayer video games

Lawbreakers, easily one of the most surprising failures on this list. Cliff Bleszinski’s frenetic fps had a lot going for it on paper. An arena shooter with a neat gravity-defying gimmick and a unique enough aesthetic in a crowded genre.

LawBreakers multiplayer game
LawBreakers multiplayer game

Yet despite being relatively well-received by critics and players alike for its fast-paced gameplay.

Interest in the game quickly dwindled post-release.

It leads to lawbreakers becoming free to play barely ten months after release and being shut down entirely another three months late.

Though Bleszinski’s made the rather bone-headed assertion that the game failed because he was too political, its fast petering out can be better attributed to the market becoming oversaturated with me too overwatch clones.

It’s more serious-minded tone the fact it probably should have been free-to-play from the beginning and released just as the battle royale boom headed up by pubg was kicking off. It’s an unfortunate collision of lousy timing and business miscalculations. Because on the pure merits of its actual quality, lawbreakers had everything it needed to carve out a firm niche for themselves. Even in the saturated multiplayer fps arena.

Massive Action Game (MAG) – 256 players can join

If lawbreakers perhaps arrived a little too late to take advantage of the hero shooter boom, massive action game was years ahead of its time, with its enormous scale multiplayer console battles.

Massive Action Game
Massive Action Game (MAG)

They were released exclusively for the ps3 back in 2010. mag’s big juicy hook was that players could take part in battles of up to 256 players, an unprecedented feat for consoles at the time and one which the game essentially pulled off impressively well.

There were technical issues in the game’s short lifespan that made it tough to get 256 players in a single match long after release, but the moment moment-to-moment massive scale gunplay was a ton of fun. Sadly, sales were relatively soft compared to developer zipper interactive’s much loved SOCOM series.

Those servers remained in operation for four years. It quickly became a cult game rather than the phenomenal success it deserved to be.

“Shadowrun” with personality and enthusiasm in Multiplayer game history

Inspired by the RPG of the same name, Shadowrun was a 2007 fps that brought a distinct flavor to the genre arena.

shadowrun multiplayer video game
Shadowrun multiplayer video game

It is melding typical fetishistic gunplay with arcane fantasy elements. The result was a ludicrously entertaining 16 player online kill fest.

Where players were encouraged to experiment with the platter of available skills and races to see what worked best for them.

They were ensuring that if nothing else, there was nary a dull moment to be found. The counter-strike-inspired buying system forced players to make tough decisions about what to bring to the battlefield.

In many ways, it feels like a precursor to some of the more refined hero shooters we see today.

Sadly, Shadowrun never became more than a cult fave. Due to both being locked to the widely loathed windows vista OS and its excessive launch price for the modest if we’re kind of content.

Shadowrun offered it offered with personality and enthusiasm.

Even if being eclipsed by the release of call of duty four modern warfare mere months later was all but inevitable.

“Gigantic” for player base video game

It was a Moba slash hero shooter, which indeed should have stood out among the rest.

Its enticing gorgeous art style, neat character designs, and incredibly Moorish central gameplay loop.

Gigantic Multiplayer game
Gigantic Multiplayer game

Gigantic was in trouble from the jump. Given that a significant portion of its dev team was laid off. Almost 18 months before the game was finally released and in a highly crowded market.

It simply failed to find the mindshare necessary to be commercially worthwhile despite enthusiastic reviews. Small but loyal cult of hardcore fans.

Gigantic’s player base was created to less than 200 concurrent users on steam within a few months. That was all she wrote.

More staff at developer Motoka were laid off, and gigantic was finally shut down for good barely a year after it first launched.

A depressing fate for a game that didn’t reinvent the wheel but at least slapped it with an appealing new coat of paint.

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game 

Even with James Cameron’s involvement avatar, the game couldn’t find a way to break the movie licensed video game curse. At least as far as its mediocre single-player campaign was concerned.

The online multiplayer mode was a wholly different beast, however. With 16 players able to duke it out in epic battles between the navy and human RDA forces. Beyond the solid wealth of maps and gameplay modes on offer.

The multiplayer feels like a more accurate translation of Cameron’s movie than the campaign. He is focused on the outer chaos of two opposed forces slugging it out.

James Cameron's Avatar The Game
James Cameron’s Avatar The Game

The map design was inspired by the sheer variety of assault options on both sides was terrific. While it wasn’t the most balanced game in the world. It was a credit to what games based on movies actually could be.

Sales were mediocre due to mixed reviews, yet the sparsely populated servers stayed online for almost 5 years.

With the division devs massive entertainment currently working on a tie into avatar 2. Hopefully, it’ll offer up a similarly dynamic and compulsively addictive multiplayer suite.

“Daikatana” is multiplayer video game?

Much like avatar, Daikitana is not a game you’ll want to bother playing for its single-player campaign. Because john Romero’s long-delayed fps is ultimately one of the most disappointing releases of its genre ever to its stores.


The sheer fact that it was a commercial failure means that most people never got around to touching Daikitanda’s surprisingly robust multiplayer component.

In addition to including a modified co-op version of the excremental campaign, players could also partake in the usual multiplayer fps modes. Such as capture the flag and deathmatch with a loyal team of modders helping flesh out the core experience considerably.

Daikatana enjoyed a mild resurgence in 2016 when the game’s unofficial 1.3 patches were released—substantially improving the campaign and multiplayer portions of the game.

In the latter case updating multiplayer support after previous online provide a “game spy” shutdown in 2013. However, its infamously terrible campaign sealed Daikitana’s broader fate, which is still far from a good game even with the patch fixes. The multiplayer was significantly better than it got credit for and lives on today through the small but dedicated Daikitana multiplayer association.

“Shattered Horizon” is the one of the best video game in multiplayer games

Shattered horizon was nothing if not a bold attempt to do something different with the fps. It launched with an undeniably scant package for a while, namely no single-player mode at its core. It was one of the unique multiplayer video game shooters on the market.

shattered horizon multiplayer game
shattered horizon multiplayer game

From the sadly now defunct outfit, future mark shattered horizon saw players are thrown into team-based zero-gravity space shootouts and as terrific as the core shooting mechanics. Graphics were many took umbrage with its undeniably steeped learning curve. On launch, there were no bots to help players get acquainted with the game’s eccentric locomotion it being space. All so many failed to invest sufficient time to get used to laying down fire in area.

This wasn’t just a call of duty in space several years before the call of duty itself went to space. Between the patients required to get good the small amount of content available on launch and the game requiring DirectX 10 several years before most Triple-A games themselves did. Shattered horizons time in the spotlight was unsurprisingly short-lived.

After future marks stopped supporting the game in 2014, they had it removed from steam gutting.

“Laser League” different with other multiplayer games

It’s fair to say that an absolute glut of futuristic sports games has come down the pike over the last five years. Since the monolithic success of rocket league, and while most of them have barely made a dent.

Laser league was an altogether different beast.

Laser League video game
Laser League video game

Hail does an instant modern-day multiplayer video games classic by euro gamer. Laser league was a Tron-inspired neon-soaked sports game. In which players attempted to switch on laser nodes to obliterate the other team and win the round.

It sounds simple enough, yet there was an enormous amount of strategy involved in ensuring you had the drop on your rivals while not opening yourself up to attacks and using the correct power up for the right moment.

It’s absolutely a game that unfurls its true complexity the longer you play it. Yet with such a howlingly generic name. Perhaps laser league never really stood a chance in its oversaturated market.

Sadly, it never reached more than a few hundred concurrent players on Steam. Even a stint on Xbox game pass couldn’t boost its popularity much, mainly due to the fatal lack of cross-play functionality.

Barely three months after its release, developer role 7 transferred development to publisher 505 games.

“Werewolves Within” if best VR multiplayer video game ever


“Werewolves within” were one of the first great multiplayer games for VR platforms. But like almost all online VR games. It was always going to struggle with one thing and maintaining a player base.

Even so, the first few months of the game’s life were auspicious. They delivered a VR version of the classic social deduction game that benefited enormously from VR social features.

Namely, inbuilt microphones and though a passionate player base sustained in those early months. Thanks to cross-play support between PSVR and pc VR platforms, players eventually discovered a game-breaking exploit that allowed knowing villagers and werewolves alike to manipulate the game’s outcome in their favor.

So many frustrated players stepped away from the game while waiting for Ubisoft to deliver a patch.

However, it ultimately took several months for them to do so, by which point most had moved on to other games and never returned.

Today “werewolves within” are effectively a desolate wasteland, where finding players even through external matchmaking sites is now extremely difficult.

It’s a depressing fate for a game that was a formative VR experience for so many people and one of the most ludicrously entertaining multiplayer games of the entire generation.

2021 is already here and now you are probably looking for some good multiplayer video games to play with your friends on this year. Hope you all enjoy the article regarding the games. If you know more that my list please comment it below.

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