Apex Legends update 1.96 patch notes 2022

Apex Legends update 1.96 patch notes 2022

Apex Legends update 1.96 patch notes

 This Apex Legends Season 13 is going well. Meanwhile, on May 23, the Royal War received an update. 

This is a patch note for the Apex Legends 1.96 update:

Apex Legends update 1.96 patch notes 2022

This Apex Legends Season 13 update introduced many changes and significant new content, such as Newcastle and the reworked ranked system.

But unfortunately, DDoS crashes and ruin the experience have left clients here unstable. So those on the console have had a tough time in the rated leagues.

In addition to this problem, Newcastle’s Ultimate has fixed a bug in Wraith’s Phase. But as a perfect thing, May 23 brought the 1.96 updates to fix the issue.

Apex Legends 1.96 Update Patch Notes

The 1.96 update to this Apex Legends game is about 410MB on PC and 620MB on consoles.

NOW, there are no official patch notes from Respawn showing what the 1.96 updates have done for the game.

We’re hoping for a change this time around, as Newcastle’s introduction in the 13th season brought many issues, including exploitation for its ultimate potential.

After placing Newcastle’s Castle Wall, enemies attempting to climb the walls will be electrocuted.

What did the players see? They saw in Wright’s tactical ability that this would hurt her,

That is, trying to protect her from all harm. According to a tweet from RSPN_Pav, the May 23 update now fixes this issue.

Apex Legends update 1.96 patch notes 2022

But not much is known about the patch, so many people suspect it is just a hot solution to solve this problem with Wraith. In 2022 there will be some lousy server issues with the console players because some have exploited the clients used to crash.

As this is a big issue for the players in the rankings in this game, we hope that it will be fixed as soon as possible and should be corrected.

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