Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

Who is Android 18?

The human name for Android 18, a unique creation from Dr. Zero, is Lazuli. She has a twin brother, Android 17. Dragon Ball Z plays a prominent supporting character, and Android 18 is a cyber bug. Her founder is Akira Toriyama. It is his 18th creation, and he created it for revenge. At some points in the series, Android 18 is voiced by Miki Ito and Meredith McCoy.

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story


Android 18 is 163cm / 5’6, and she was born at the age of 744 and the Dragon Ball Super Android 18 at around 36 when she woke up in Android Saga. She lives in Kame House and with Krillin and Marron Android 18. Although she initially contributed to the series as a minor character, she becomes more prominent as she marries Goku’s best friend Krillin during the fights and revenge against Goku.

The look of Android 18

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

When she was first introduced, she wore a black shirt with black and white sleeves and a denim jacket and skirt, wearing dark leggings. Also, Android 18 is once again wearing a different style of clothing. She was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans under a black coat when she arrived at Goku’s house. He then wears a black and white sleeveless black shirt and blue denim and orange socks during World War 25.

Later, during the battle of the gods, he is seen wearing a black shirt with purple sleeves and light blue jeans. She also wears a pearl necklace and white socks. Later in the Resurrection ‘F’ succession, the same outfit is slightly different. Also, on Android 18, Dragon Ball GT, he is wearing a red long-sleeved dress with black pants, and secondly, he is wearing a pink underwear shirt and a purple blazer. In addition, he wore red heels and earrings on both occasions.

Android 18’s story summary

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

Android 18 was created by Dr. Jero, who served in the Red Ribbon Army. She is his 18th creation, and she is genuinely a cybergirl. Simply put, Android 18 is a human being that has been formally improved by making the most of nanotechnology to become a superhuman. Her brother Lapis and she are both abducted. Both of them were later used as guinea pigs for Gero’s experiments.

Over time, Android 18 and her brother, Android 17, became increasingly vulnerable to being subjugated by someone in power. That’s why they activate each other, stand up straight, and kill Gero. With that death, their uprising intensified, and they embarked on a devastating campaign. After Gohan’s rescue after the cell attack, Android 18 becomes an ally of Z – Fighters and decides to help Z – Fighters.

The nature of Android 18

Android 18 is a very selfless character who cares a lot about anyone close to him. At times, life pays off, and there are satirical stories about her throughout the story. In the early days of wickedness, she thought of it as fun. Eventually, however, she had a shocking look at the violence. However, Android 18 will never lose its desire to combat. She is always fearless, with a high level of intelligence. She does not think twice about putting her family first. Android 18, the most honest character, is the one who speaks directly about everything.

¬†Android 18’s Love

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

Android 18 is a person who is very passionate about love. Android 18 and her brother Android 17 first meet Krillin on Android 18 when they attack Z-Fighters. While they were all fighting, Android 18 did not harm Krill and later kissed him at the checkpoint and lovingly said, “see you soon .”As a result, Krylon fell in love with Android 18.

At one point, Bulma found a button to destroy Android 18 and assigned the task to Krillin, but he refused and destroyed it. Also, in every fight, Krillin defended Android 18 not to be harmed. Gradually the two became more and more in love, and eventually, they took their love affair to marriage, and they had a daughter named Maran.

The evil deeds of Android 18

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Full Story

Someone who did the slightest bit of cruelty in Android 18 Dragon Ball. However, a few minor verbs have been written in her name very harshly. In her fight with Vegeta, she took Vegeta to a crowded city and set up a battle in the middle of a highway. She also once stole clothes from a shop.

Also, a van of casual men transporting boxes was stolen. In such cases, it is time for the police to chase her and attack the police cars. Also, Android 18, at some point, broke Vegeta’s bones, humiliated him, and gave him cruel pleasure. With Android 18, her husband, Krillin, may also be rude at times.

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