8 Best Platformers On Switch 2022

8 Best Platformers On Switch 2022

8 Best Platformers On Switch

I understand when I try to list all the platforms on the switch that since we’ve been here a long time, Nintendo’s hybrid system is home to many of these genres, including original software, subscription services, redesigns, and port additions. It’s almost overwhelming.

However, for fans of the genre, the switch is a must. It is not only among the best switch platforms by the year 2022 but also home to many of the topics that are always the best platforms. So, keeping in mind every qualifying game, here are eight mandatory platforms you should play in the system.

At that point, let’s talk about direct-up platforms in both 2D and 3D. Active topics and Metroidvanias were not considered for this list. Furthermore, the games under consideration were evaluated based on several key criteria. I thought about their overall quality, what contributed to their voting power, and how they differed from other genre variants.

The list is not exhaustive, but you will be busy for a while by playing on these stage switches.

1. Best Platformers On Switch

Super Mario Odyssey

Best Platformers On Switch

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Over time, the Odyssey system has become a solid platform for many people. As one of the most creative Mario titles the sport has ever released, it introduces the player to numerous unique locations. It faces different from anything else in its various kingdom series. Hence the sense of this origin leads to a genuine exploration.

Every time I drive a regular Odyssey again, I am compelled to search every nook and cranny because of its unique art direction. And because Mario is very well controlled, it has become effortless to act on these feelings. Of all the platforms that have been in the switch over the years, no one has shown better movement than this.

When the action of playing is this liquid and the world is this ridiculous, it is hard to ask for much more.

2. Ramon Legends Specific Edition

8 Best Platformers On Switch 2022

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We think Ubisoft already wants to launch another Ramon game in the green. Legend is a top-notch experience that is both a visual marvel and mechanical expertise. Every aspect of its design is inspiring, combining the exploratory stage stages with a stunning aesthetic drawn by hand. This blend is excellent because it excites even the simplest stages.

However, it does pop up set-piece opportunities. Rocking to the top of the musical theme level genre is a special highlight and climax of stage entertainment.

This is the greatest of all time. There are even attractive side models like Legends’ Kung Fu. It’s a slapstick football system that justifies the price of admission. Try this game, and you will be taken to a different world.

3. Mega Man Legacy Collection1

8 Best Platformers On Switch 2022

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Capcom was staging the royalty at NES. But the company’s reputation is now sterling for other reasons, and back then, it was a 2D adventure, especially Mega Man. Ducktales are great too, but Capcom did not bring it to Nintendo’s hybrid… but I’m leaving. Even in 2022, the classic Mega Mans Switch will be among the best platforms.

The game loop of defeating the Robot Master by using their weak weapons is timely. Learning how to navigate a Mega Man game is a rewarding process, especially when the background music is pulsating. Kriya’s statements are no better.

The switch has tons of Mega Man additions, and they are all packed with great games. Check out SNES Games!


8 Best Platformers On Switch 2022

Credit – steampowered.com

While the N64 players were eating well with many of the best 3D platforms ever built, the PS1 players did not exactly get scratched. They also had a truly good adventure crop. Fortunately, these eventually find their way to the switch.

Spyro Sports is included in that class and offers exciting, relaxing excursions throughout the Dragon-themed locations. I only played the first one, but I enjoyed it — especially since Reignited treatment was top-notch. The sport looks and sounds excellent, and the polished collection is entertaining.

5. Super Mario Creator2

Speaking of mics, this might be the best platform on the switch from a value perspective. After all, it is effectively an unlimited Mario game. Building on the foundations of Super Mario Maker 1, the successor opens the door to creative possibilities.

World Designer allows you to build your own small Mario business and elevate new level elements exponentially. You can create some genuinely incredible Mario stages here.

I was the first to enjoy Mario Maker, but it felt like the concept came to a natural conclusion here. I put nearly 100 hours into the title, and I can easily add another 100. Even if you sometimes have to dig for really great content, the online community is full of incredible work.


I do not doubt in my mind that the level design of the Tropical Fries is of a quality that other platforms of the switch cannot reach. Retro Studios’ focus on details is unbelievable.

Too often, 2D platforms can feel like barrier courses rather than places they live. Here it is not so. The world of sports is cohesive, with the front and back elements beautifully intertwined.

There is no doubt that tropical fries are an artistic miracle – but it is mechanically excellent. It is without a doubt one of the best switch platforms. The difficulty curve is correct, and DK finds the perfect balance between weight and agility.

7. Captain Todd: Treasure TRACKER

Maybe I’ll play a little faster and lighter with the term “stage” here. After all, Captain Todd can’t jump. However, his puzzle-stage brand feels unique because the basic mechanics of the genre have disappeared.

How do you build a powerful platform when the protagonist’s feet are on the ground? Like, how is that? Treasure Tracker is one of the unique platforms on the switch.

It is visually one of the most creative. The game is still active in the new Super Mario Bros. designs, and for the most part, the Treasure Tracker, however, finds ways to refresh these familiar ideas.


Often, multiplayer platforms can be busy. However, the 3D world is deliberately designed around a 4-player action, and any clutter on the screen is deliberate. The balance is excellent, so the 3D world is easily among the best switching platforms for multiplayer sessions.

It’s still good on a single player but works best with friends on the byte-sized carousel couch in linear stages.

The Switch version includes Bowser’s Fury, built with a one-player adventure. It does not matter. I’m not so big about Bowser’s Fury. It’s a bit aimless. However, it’s a powerful exploration of what 3D Mario can be in the open world.

As a bonus, it’s hard to complain. But the success of the package comes from the 3D world.

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