7 Updated News for GTA 6 You Aren't Supposed to Know

7 Updated News for GTA 6 You Aren’t Supposed to Know

With red dead redemption too long since out of the way, you’ve got to believe that the vast majority of the focus in Rockstar has turned the developments of grand theft auto 6. There’s so much other exciting news to pore over from a 70 – 80s inspired setting to the prospect of building your drug empire. Here are 7 things you aren’t supposed to know about GTA 6 news.

07. Mysterious glassdoor Job review confirms Locations

In May of 2019, eagle-eyed fans hungry for new info on GTA 6 spotted a very mysterious post on the website Glassdoor. If you’re unfamiliar with Glassdoor, basically think of it as the TripAdvisor for jobs. After they’ve left, employees of an organization reviewed their employer and said what went well and what didn’t. In this particular glass door review, a person listing themselves as a current employee QA tester in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Rockstar games posted quite the company’s negative evaluation. Citing bullies in the company, terrible crunch times, and working ridiculous hours. They also posted a bit of great advice to the management section, where the first letters of each line read as “GTA6LSVCLC”.

One more news about GTA 6 News. There have been rumors in the past of GTA 6 having multiple cities. Suppose you look into the post this employee made. In that case, it seems to be a cryptic reference to GTA 6, including Los Santos, vice city, and liberty city. since its initial publication, the post has been deleted. Of course, take it with a massive grain of salt as it could technically be by anyone, but if it is by a disgruntled former employee, it’s entirely possible that this cryptic tease could be real.

06. GTA 6 is ‘early in development, may launch smaller and be updated Over Time

Earlier this year, Kotaku published a fascinating article into the crunch culture of Rockstar and how they’re allegedly taking steps to change this. It comes after reading a storm of controversy surrounding the redemption 2 Rockstar’s last big project for the horrible hours its staff had to work to get the final product out the door. Kotaku also talked with several rock star employees in the article and found that changes are already being made company-wide, including grand theft auto 6.

According to Kotaku quotes regarding the GTA 6 news, one plan that management has laid out for the next game, a new entry in the grand theft auto series, is to start with a moderate sight release which by Rockstar standards would still be a large game that is then expanded with regular updates over time which may help mitigate stress and crunch. They also state that the game is still quote-unquote early in development, so Kotaku believes a release date anytime soon to be unlikely. Others don’t think it will be quite so long, though.

05. It’s further along in development than Kotaku thinks about GTA News

People leaking video games is nothing new, but in the case of grand theft auto and Rockstar as a whole, there’s a very prolific leaker named Tez 2 on Twitter who seems to continually have their finger on the pulse about what’s going on at the company. In a direct response to the Kotaku article mentioned previously, Tez 2 stated the following.

What he says does seem to make sense; since GTA 5’s release over seven years ago, now you’ve got to believe that Rockstar has been hard at work putting together grand theft auto 6 for some time. GTA 5 is still regularly at the top of the charts, and Reddit redemption 2, while successful, is by no means the cash juggernaut GTA is. The release date in the next couple of years seems to look increasingly likely.

04. The game’s existence and character confirmed by the actor

2020 was stacked with GTA leaks. In March 2020, an actor seemingly managed to confirm the game’s existence by putting it down on his resume that he’d been involved with the project. The actor in question is Jorge Consejo. A Twitter account dedicated to GTA leaks coincidentally called GTA 6 news and leaks shared a screengrab of the actor’s cv. in the pdf version available on the actor’s website since amended with references to GTA 6 removed. The actor states that they are involved with grand theft auto 6, working for Rockstar games and portraying a Mexican character, which is not very specific. Still, after many people asked Consejo for more details, he tweeted out the following.

“While I read every message from you, please know that because of contract stipulations, sometimes I’m unable to comment on certain projects. Please don’t feel ignored or unseen. I appreciate and value every single one of you.”

Even more interestingly, though the pdf also confirms that Consejo did the motion capture work for GTA 6 in 2018. Meaning production has quite likely progressed significantly since then

03. The GTA 6 website’s redirect has changed

Rockstar has no doubt always planned to release GTA 6 News at some point. That’s precisely why they’ve taken steps in the past to secure website domain names such as GTA6.com. This is standard practice in the industry. When you’ve tried to access the URL previously, there was a redirect in place that took you directly to Rockstar’s standard website. From April 2020, the URL redirect appears to have been changed and now returns simply an error message.

This is usually again common in the website development industry when a website is about to be altered or revealed. The rabbit hole goes even more profound. Originally the domain name servers pointed to Munich in Germany, whereas other domains in Rockstar’s library such as GTA4.com point to a server in New York. With the update, the GTA6.com website link now also points to New York. Fueling speculation that they brought it in-house to prepare the website for some reveal shortly.

02. Project America’s code name and leaked game info

Although Reddit leaks are easy to take with a big pinch of salt, a substantial detailed leak seemingly made the rounds on social media in July of 2019. the first thing to note about this leak by Reddit user Jacolans in 1982 since-deleted is that the game is codenamed project Americas. This has also been reported by other outlets since this initial leak and seems to confirm that perhaps the game is set, not necessarily just in North America. In the original leak from jack-o’-lantern 1982, they claimed early development of GTA 6 began in 2012 but didn’t start properly until 2015.

It’s set in both vice city and another new location-based in Rio de Janeiro. There will be linear missions in liberty city with no open-world exploration. It won’t be as realistic as red dead 2. you’ll also play as a drug lord wannabe named Ricardo, with the game being heavily inspired by Netflix’s Narcos as you build your criminal empire. The game is set in both the 1970s and 1980s, and buildings and locations will update over time as the narrative moves. Along there’s plenty of other leaked info from this user, including the presence of a giant prison emphasis on building a drug empire like in vice city stories and references to storing weapons in your vehicle like your horse in red dead 2.

01. GTA online will have its own story is the Best News regarding the GTA 6

While many people love the single-player aspects of grand theft auto, grand theft auto online has become Rockstar’s real huge money-spinner since its launch in grand theft auto 5. you’ve got to believe that they’re doubling down on GTA online even more in GTA 6. According to leaks over on the GTA forums, this extends to having a separate story mode entirely based around GTA online. The post states the following.

GTA online will be set in the 1980s and allow players to join another person’s primary story campaign as a protagonist’s crew member. Up to four players can join in on a story mission, while the online mode has its own story.

You can choose different classes the undercover cartel member or a member of one of the five families of only liberty and vice city playable. You’ll be able to run your cruise and work the story mode’s bosses to earn money. Each class has its perks. Being undercover allows you to report back to your staff sergeants in either vice or liberty. Working for the cartel will enable you to help smuggle drugs from a voice for freedom, and being a part of one of the five families can allow you to become a mad man.

Rockstar does need some way to introduce the quote-unquote next generation of GTA online, and this could be the way, and those were seven things you weren’t supposed to know about GTA 6 News. Don’t forget to read my previous article about GTA 6 Leak in 2021.

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