DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes & MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes (june 2022)

DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes (June 2022)

Want to earn free diamonds and other rewards in DC Worlds Collide?

DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes & MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes (june 2022)

DC Worlds Collide is one of the best passive mobile card games that players can fight on the field with SC Superheroes and Super-Villains. The players who play this game get their dream team together and train them to dominate the game. However, to level the match, resources like diamonds are needed. We added this list of DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes because they cost a lot of money in the game. We are sure it will be a relief to you.

With the help of these codes, players can earn diamonds and other prizes for free.

DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes

Here is a list of all the available and expired codes in DC Worlds Collide. Players should release these codes as soon as possible as the codes tend to expire quickly. All active codes work at the time of writing and may expire soon. In addition, most redeem codes have a maximum save limit. Once that limit is reached, players will not be able to free codes. If any code has expired, I request the same.

Working Redemption Codes

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Expired Redemption Codes









How To Redeem Code?

If you want to free the code in DC Worlds Collide, follow the steps below.

Open the DC Worlds Collide

Click on the ghost in the upper left corner

Go to the game settings and select the redemption code option.

Type the working code from the list above in the text box. Players must ensure that they type the code exactly as mentioned above. Any change will cause the code not to work.

Once players have typed in their redemption codes, they can instantly click on confirm to receive the prizes.

How to get new redemption codes?

Players can follow the DC Worlds Collide on Facebook and Twitter to get new redemption codes. Any new code in the game is usually released here. Any further updates on the game are addressed here so players can follow the Discord Server for the game. Additionally, players will be able to bookmark this page as we update this list when a new code arrives in the game.


MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes (2022 JUNE)

Players can use MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes to progress through the game faster

Let us now consider MGCM Magical Girls.

DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes & MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes (june 2022)

MGCM Magical Girls is a wedding-themed RPG for mobile devices. Athletes must train and build a list of magical girls to defeat the demons that plague the city and push the darkness back.

These redemption codes can be used to win several gift prizes such as Treasure Tickets, Grand Scroll Scroll, Gold, Akabane Fire Skin, and other in-game items. Players should keep in mind that redemption codes are valid for a limited time only. Therefore, they have to be claimed soon before they expire.

Currently, there are no active MGCM Magical Girls Redeem codes as the game is relatively new. However, we will update this list as new codes arrive for the game. In the meantime, players will have to wait until the developers release the new code.

How to break the code as a player?

Releasing the code in this game is relatively easy. Athletes who have any doubts in this regard can take the following steps.

Open the MGCM Magic Girls

DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes & MGCM Magical Girls Redeem Codes (june 2022)

Tap the others

Click the Redeem Code option

Type a working rescue code in the text box

Claim code to win in-game mailbox prizes.

How to find new redemption codes?

Players looking for new code in the game can follow MGCM Magical Girls’ Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Instagram. Any new codes in the game will be announced through these social media handles. Alternatively, players can bookmark this page as we update new codes when they come to the game. As the game is still fresh, developers will soon begin releasing new redemption codes for the game.

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