3 Best gaming keyboard 2021

1)Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

3 Best gaming keyboard 2021


Type: Mechanical (wired)

Size: Full

Switches: Optical

Keycaps: Double-shot PBT

Media keys: Dedicated keys, volume dial

Wrist rest: Detachable, magnetic

USB passthrough: USB 3.0



  • Analog function

  • bezel-less wrist rest

  • Satisfying click

The elevator pitch for this keyboard is proper there on the tin – it exists to replicate the texture of an analog stick. That isn’t always something we’ve got visible earlier than with regards to the quality gaming keyboards, and the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog makes quite the impression as an end result.

Designed with first-character shooters, racing video games, and flight-sims in thoughts, the Analog achieves its aim via variable actuation points. This means you may use tiers of strain to get a one-of-a-kind reaction. In essence, push harder on a key, and your person will run faster. 

This could now not sound like a huge deal, but it’s miles. Despite the fact that many keyboards warfare with nuance in relation to the in-recreation movement (converting from ‘run’ to ‘stroll’ generally requires a hotkey, as an example), the Analog imbues the WASD keys with a sense of precision they have got in no way had before. You can gently amble around the map as opposed to pinballing throughout it or get the drop on your foes by sneaking up on them slowly.

None of this is ‘vital,’ but it feels borderline essential once you have gotten used to it. Due to the fact that it is additionally one of the nicest keyboards we’ve ever gotten our palms on, it is an actual contender if your finances can stretch that way.


2)ROG Strix Scope RX

3 Best gaming keyboard 2021


Type: Mechanical (wired)

Size: Full

Switches: ROG RX Optical Mechanical

Keycaps: PCB

Media keys: Integrated with function keys

Wrist rest: None

USB passthrough: Yes



  • Super-fast switches

  • Visually awesome

  • Great build quality

Asus has achieved it again: the brand new ROG Strix Scope RX is a measured refinement of the already excellent Scope keyboard, preserving all of the best capabilities of the authentic even as introducing new optical key switches. fast actuation with nearly no lateral wobble method that unintentional keystrokes are introduced to a minimum, each in gaming and typing.

The most effective criticisms on the Scope RX are trivial at first-rate. There’s no covered wrist relaxation, and the keys can be a chunk loud at times (even though nevertheless quieter than your standard blue-switch keyboard). Usual, even though a beautiful keyboard with pinnacle-notch construct friendly and a smooth, attractive aesthetic.

I am wondering what makes it any such winner for FPS video games? Except for a compact layout, it features a substantial Ctrl key to make crouching behind the cover less difficult. in addition, the 1.5mm actuation point keeps mis-sorts to a minimum. It is easily one of the first-class gaming keyboards as a result.


3)Razer Cynosa V2

3 Best gaming keyboard 2021


Type: Membrane (wired)

Size: Full

Switches: Rubber dome

Keycaps: ABS plastic

Media keys: Dedicated keys

Wrist rest: None

USB passthrough: None



  • Quiet membrane keys

  • Feels great to type on

  • Affordable


Gaming keyboards are an essential buy if you play on pc; however, they could break the bank. It is why the Razer Cynosa V2 is a godsend. Although it’s not the first-class gaming keyboard on offer, it still puts in a respectable overall performance at a less costly fee.

As a ‘membrane’ device, this version of the Cynosa is a whole lot quieter than the opposition. It truly is because its keys are urgent down on a flexible sheet, which means you don’t get the distracting typewriter ‘clack’ of mechanical decks. In different phrases, it is best in a busy household or at paintings in which you don’t want to purpose too much noise.

It’s perfect below pressure, too. More significant, in particular, the speed and resistance of each key is spot on. Your hands will fly across them in use. However, they do not ever experience reasonably-priced. The smooth plastic keycaps are fulfilling to type with, too. Thinking about the Cynosa V2’s low value, this is an impressive feat.

Macro settings can help your application each key upload in added value, at the same time as a more minor footprint way you might not have trouble becoming it to your desk. As soon as there, it, in reality, seems the part; RGB lighting provides a pop of color to its sleek black shell.

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