Valheim Game : 10 Things to Know Before Playing

Valheim Game : 10 Things to Know Before Playing

Valheim is the newest survival game, in case you haven’t heard, where players can live out the Viking afterlife of their dreams. Of course, your journey will not be easy. So, we’ve come with a handful of tips to help ease your weight into the game. Got any other information you veteran players would like to share, let us know in the comments below.

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01. Kick in your Minecraft instincts in Valheim game

As soon as you drop into Valheim game, you’ll be greeted by a crow who informs you of a few basic features. However, you should note that you are on a timer with any survival game, so you shouldn’t waste too much time trying to get through every little tutorial segment, not yet anyway. It’s time to kick in those Minecraft instincts, and we all know the first rule.

Start punching some wood and gathering resources. Get enough materials to craft some clothing, so you don’t wind up freezing your character to death at night. You tried to find shelter at one of the pre-built homes before you attempted to tinker with the building mechanics. We’ll get to that in a bit.

02. It’s all about stamina and food.

Just about everything you do in valheim game will require stamina. Whether that be building, running, jumping, swimming, or even sneaking. Yes, it’ll be a pain in the butt at first, but there are always ways to improve your abilities. For starters, some foods will increase your health and stamina. You are turning the hunger meter into more of a mechanic rather than another meter to babysit.

Just be careful about swimming across anything bigger than a small river as it is possible to die from swimming. That’s right. You can die from swimming if your stamina isn’t up to snuff. Also, keep your selection of foods diverse as you cannot eat the same thing consecutively. Besides, no one can survive eating only raspberries.

03. The bare necessities.

It can be easy to get overzealous and start chopping down every tree within 10 yards of your original spawn point. However, it would help if you focused on keeping things simple during your first few hours with the game. As we said before, focus on getting clothed, armed and find a temporary place to stay warm.

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Even after your first day, you should only be gathering necessary things. Don’t go building a flippant mansion or clubbing every hostile mob you encounter. That’s for later. Get your bearings by focusing on simple tasks, creating a simple hut, a campfire, and crafting a couple of essential tools.

04. No borders in Valheim game

While it is ideal to follow the tutorials and take the time to grasp how Valheim game works. There aren’t any restrictions placed on you. The second you drop into the world, you can derail and do your own thing if you want. There are no invisible walls, no fenced-off areas, just you and the nordic world. You want to climb a mountain without the proper gear, go for it. Want to challenge a giant troll to fisticuffs? I mean, we wouldn’t recommend it, but what’s stopping you have the freedom.

05. The way the world works

As you explore the world of valheim, it’s crucial to observe and learn how your world works. We aren’t just saying this because you should know the land’s lay and how the ground works. Every resource spawn under a particular set of conditions. Some areas may end up serving as great spots for farming leather or tool. We were able to settle ourselves in a small valley where a handful of boars would spawn, allowing us to craft leather attire quickly. So take note of where things are as you venture forward.

06. Use all the things

Food can be a great way to increase health and stamina temporarily. But it isn’t the epicenter of improving yourself. Valheim game utilizes a skill system focused on repetition. Simply doing actions will generate XP and eventually improve your performance. Yeah, it’s pretty much like Skyrim skills.

Don’t worry. It won’t take long. We were able to get our stats at modest levels before our third day. So don’t worry about spamming moves to rush through progression. You’ll get there at a more than reasonable pace.

07. Repairing and Building

As we mentioned earlier, you will need to seek shelter to endure the cold nights. At first, you may have to resort to lodging in a decrepit building or tent. But you will be able to build a workbench after you collect enough wood.

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You’ll then have to craft a mallet, which will then, in turn, grant you access to all the building essentials. Again, don’t go building a palace; gather enough supplies to build a simple hut. Oh, and if an item of yours isn’t in tip-top shape, you can quickly repair it, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost any materials.

08. A life of comfort

Whereas many survival games make sleeping more of a mechanic, Valheim game currently keeps it optional, allowing players to skip time once the night cycle begins. Yes, you can explore and fight to your heart’s content, but sleeping does have its benefits in Valheim. Sleeping will give you the well-rested buff, which increases both your health regeneration and stamina regeneration. It is possible to increase the duration of the buff too. And it all depends on how you’ve built your house. Certain aspects of your house will increase your comfort level. Thus, increasing how long you get the well-rested buff. So, make home improvements when you got the mats to spare.

09. Hidden photo mode in Valheim

Valheim does have a photo mode. It may not be one of the most visually impressive games on the market, but you might be able to capture some beautiful shots. Heck, we were able to find a few excellent angles just as we were dropping into our world.

Press Ctrl and F3 to disable the hut, and you’ll be able to snap screenshots without any menus in the way. So, if you’ve come across something pretty in your world, you’ll have an easy way to capture it.

10. You can cheat

This isn’t much of a surprise considering the game is on pc, but it is possible to cheat in Valheim. We aren’t talking about exploits and glitches, though. Nope, it’s a similar method that many other games on steam have bringing up. The console command uses it to instantly give yourself items stat boosts all the good stuff.

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Keep in mind you won’t have access to this in multiplayer, but if you’re struggling in progression, don’t be ashamed to break the game a bit or a lot. Survival games aren’t always easy for everyone and Valheim is the one of the best survival game I ever played.

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